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I know kage bunshin technique. I did it to my TV remote control when it was stupid and not functioning.


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Via @Christinaperri

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Sometimes we know the answers to our questions yet we still ask.
It’s because the answers we know are the answers we cannot bear to admit.
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I love using big words to sound smart.
I mean utilizing gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence.

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Me everyday…

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Nakaka-miss din mag tumblr! Sheeeet! Haha </3


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I get attached too quickly. And I hate to admit that.

Though I don’t exactly know my intentions: be it me wants to be in a relationship with you or simply just friends, once I get to know you and we get long well and suddenly you don’t respond to me or talk to me or feel like you don’t care about me, I can’t help but feel empty.

Because I always feel being rejected.

Because I think it won’t pan out kahit sa friendship lang.

I know I have low self-esteem. Plus these feelings?

It makes me weaker than I already am.

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